Adrère Amellal Desert Eco Lodge

Siwa Oasis
Hotel Overview

Adrere Amellal Oasis is located 16 kilometers from the center of Siwa, a larger oasis in the northwest of Egypt with a unique culture and history. The drive from Cairo to Siwa is a good eight hours. If you are flying to Cairo from abroad, plan on spending at least one night in Cairo before setting off to Siwa. Adrere Amellal includes 39 rooms, all built in traditional Siwan style. Walls are made of rock salt, and palm is used for roofing. Each room has an open view of Siwa Lake and the Great Sand Sea. Other special features include ancient olive and palm groves, slow-bubbling Roman springs, and an exquisite cuisine that includes traditional dishes cooked in honey-glazed clay pots. All herbs and vegetables are handpicked daily from our organic garden. The premises are telephone and electricity free. Candles and torches are used for lighting, and in winter coal-filled braziers are used for heating.

Hotel Features

At a Glance:
• 40 Casbah-style rooms made from salt rock & clay
• Escape the 21st Century
• Rates are all-inclusive
• Organic & ecologically sound environment
• No electricity lends to romantic candlelit nights
• Outdoor swimming pool provided underground resevoir
• Excursions to historical sites
• Herbarium